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The Process

More than a Delicious Cup of Coffee

Turkish coffee is much like Espresso.  It is served in a small demitasse.  It's a rich coffee which, because it is cooked quickly and not filtered, has a residue of coffee on the bottom of the cup.  Once the residue is reached while drinking, the cup is turned over and allowed to cool. During this time, the residue will run down the sides of the cup creating images that are then interpreted.

The coffee images are the medium used to intuitively read a person's character, see past events as well as upcoming events.  

Reading of a cup allows the person to see what opportunities, events and encounters will arise in the future giving them a chance now to continue on that path or change direction.  

Looking even deeper in to the cup, Saba will advise you of past events that still need healing which may be creating difficulties and blockages to move forward.