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About Saba

Additional Information

Saba was born in New York to Turkish immigrant parents and lived her most impressionable years in Turkey, Austria, Iran and Germany. 

As a teenager she discovered her intuitive gift by which she could see future events using the ancient tradition of Turkish coffee grind reading.  However, she assumed that these experiences of intuition and channeling were something that everyone experienced since within her family it was quite common. 

As a young girl she would detect a particular odor (known as Clairscient) which would signal for her that she was in danger.  And when, as an adult, she heard a voice (known as Clairaudence) telling her to sculpt, she listened to that voice discovering her creative gift.   

When Saba returned to New York in 1980, she became a self-taught computer programmer who would later get a formal education in Computer Science.  In her career as a programmer, together with her brother she established a company introducing the world’s first pc-based reading system for blind/print disabled individuals.  Much of her career involved designing clinical records database for a mental health organization as well as teaching.  What made her an invaluable programmer was the ability to envision the flow of data and determine how to make it appealing and unintimidating to the end-user.  As a teacher, her love for seeing others learn, her patience, compassion and intuition makes for a formula for success.  

Saba has now taken her intuitive gift along with the concept of programming, love for teaching and formal hypnosis training to use an approach to “reprogram” a person’s way of thinking so that undesired behaviors may be dismissed and replaced with desired behaviors that provide a happy fulfilling life.  Saba conducts private consultations in hypnosis and coffee readings.